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Molecular Matrix is dedicated to developing next generation

osteobiologic technology.

Nearly a decade ago, Molecular Matrix developed a breakthrough tissue regeneration technology. This platform technology gave rise to our first clinical product, a bone graft substitute used in orthopedic surgery for real-time bone tissue regeneration.

Charles Lee, CEO, CSO, and inventor of the technology, introduces Osteo-P technology, which provides a broad platform for bone engineering. Our technology can be used to repair damaged or missing bone while addressing many of the limitations and side effects seen in the orthopedic reconstruction field. The advancements brought by our technology will yield superior bone regeneration products and procedures for orthopedic, spine, and trauma applications.

At Molecular Matrix,

we believe in improving lives

through innovations in science

and technology.

MMI is on a continuous quest to innovate in the biotechnology and biomedical fields. Our vision is to develop life-enhancing and life-saving treatments that will be available worldwide. Research and development at our headquarters is under way to expand the therapeutic applications of our core technology. Our scientists are optimizing the technology for multiple tissue regeneration applications, both in vivo and in vitro.

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Molecular Matrix, Inc. Founded

Research & Development

FDA 510(k) Approval


Osteo-P™ BGS Market Launch


Collaboration is the key to advancing our knowledge of and innovation in the biomedical field. We want to partner with industry members and the scientific community to bring the best therapeutics to market. Industry members are welcome to contact us and discover how a partnership with Molecular Matrix can accelerate your research and development objectives. Research organizations and academic institutions are encouraged to share their research articles in osteobiologic science, which can be featured on our publications page, and work with us to investigate the potential of polymer technology in tissue regeneration. Our researchers are building an additional public resource featuring articles and applied science commentary in osteobiologics.

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